Georgia On My Mind Reasons To Visit

Georgia in the Southeastern United States has long had a reputation as one of the most beautiful states in the Union. It also has a reputation as a state with wildly diverse cultures and natural attractions. For the mighty Mississippi to mountains and plains and coastal regions where the natural vistas are simply breath taking this is a state that will reward and enthrall any visitor.

Imagine if you will visiting attractions that remind one of the classic movie masterpiece Gone with the Wind, including the salve plantations of the past complete with hanging tree moss – while at the same time having access to some of the most modern and exciting nightlife and world class cuisine that is on offer in the United States.

This is a state of enormous contradictions – and that is part of its charm and excitement that will continue to draw hordes of visitors to it every year.

So where to go and what to while visiting Georgia? The choices are incredible and both singles and families will be spoiled for choice.

When in Atlanta do not miss taking in the sights and sounds of this fascinating city by taking the electric car your. this allows you to really get under the skin of the city. Knowledgeable guides and the quiet mode of transportation make this tour an absolute delight. you’ll be introduced to some of the historic locales and some of Atlanta’s most well known tourist delights.

If you’re foodie then you simply have to visit Savannah. There are a variety of walking tours that will introduce visitors to the wonders of Southern cooking. The Savannah Culinary and Walking Tour is just one of these. Visit seven different outlets renowned for the quality of their cuisine while at the same time exploring the rich history of the area.

For something a little off the wall but geared towards zombie fans (and who isn’t?) while in Georgia there a tour specifically aimed at the fans of the Walking Dead television series. see areas where the series is being filmed and be within touching distance of flesh eating zombies as they go about the daily business on set. definitely not to be missed.

Want to have some fun while in Atlanta? This is a great way to explore the city – via Segway. Suitable for young and old. Trundling through the city on these fabulous devices is the perfect way to slowly get to know this fascinating part of the United States.